Come mist or sunshine adventure awaits in Walvis Bay

To the south lies a bird sanctuary of international
importance, in the east are the elongated
fingertips of the oldest desert in the world, to
the north are beautiful sandy beaches and in
the west flows the brilliant Benguela Current,
one of the most intricate oceanic ecosystems
on the planet.

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Surf meets turf at Godenfang, arguably the
best restaurant in Walvis Bay. In a restored
1930s home – fitted with original wooden
floors and dimmed lights – a menu of fresh
fish, seasonal veggies and prime meat
cuts cooked to perfection awaits. Not
only is this a must-taste experience on the
Namibian coast, but the cosy atmosphere
also goes uncontested and so is their on-site vegetable and

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Technology, AI and Job Displacement

The advent of new technologies has often raised
concerns that new, often more efficient ways of
doing things, will lead to job displacement. This
fear has not been limited to blue-collar jobs, as
white-collar jobs have been equally “threatened”
by the introduction of technologies such as
calculators and computers.

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My journey to the top of the world – Saray Khumalo

Saray Khumalo’s life, as documented in her
memoir My Journey to the Top of the World,
“starts much like the typical life of most African
children being raised by their grandparents in
a village, sharing a home with many cousins,
aunts and uncles.” What makes Saray’s story
different is that she consistently chooses to
take the road less travelled, no matter how
challenging that path may be. This is evident when in 2019
she becomes the first black African woman to successfully
summit Mount Everest.