12 pieces of pork rib (± 2 kg) 


Water, salt, pepper, sweet basil, oregano, bay leaves, garlic and ginger 


125 ml honey 

90 ml soya sauce 

90 ml tomato sauce 

125 ml white vinegar 

A few drops of Tabasco sauce 

6 cloves of garlic, crushed 

Juice of one orange 

10 ml mustard powder 

5 ml paprika 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Bring all the ingredients for the stock to the boil. 

Pre-cook spare ribs in the stock for about 15 minutes. 

For the marinade put all the ingredients for the sauce into a big pot and bring to the boil. 

Add the pre-cooked, warm ribs to the marinade and boil for another 15 minutes. 

Cool down and refrigerate overnight. 

Braai on medium coals until browned and tender, or grill in the oven or freeze for later use.