Wellness trends for 2023

Wellness has become big business,
especially since the pandemic
which saw people prioritise
health, leading to supercharged
growth in the wellness industry.
We have irreversibly shifted how
we view and respond to wellness.
We have realised that wellbeing
is fundamental to our health and overall happiness and
that taking good care of yourself is paramount to your
success in life.


It’s about time not distance

In Damaraland you don’t measure a trip from here to there in distance; you measure it in time. Forged from an outpouring of lava some 130 million years ago and then exposed to millions of years of erosion, fluvial drainage,…


Pre-schoolers, Planes and Picnics

Hanging out with SPES Charity at the Westair Aviation & FlyNamibia hangar in Windhoek In the spirit of ubuntu FlyNamibia has hosted a group of preschoolers, associated with S.P.E.S. Charity, at Eros Airport. As children are the future, the airline…

Inspiration, Our Story

The Human Core of Aviation

The Human core of Aviation The FlyNamibia Bursary scheme At the official launch of Westair Aviation’s rebrand from FlyWestair to FlyNamibia, the company also announced another exciting and enriching venture it will undertake as of January 2022 – the FlyNamibia…


Namibian colours across African skies

On 1 November 2021, Westair Aviation, the country’s largest aviation company, announced the rebranding of its scheduled passenger airline from FlyWestair to FlyNamibia. Speaking at the event the CEO of Westair Aviation, Henri van Schalkwyk, said, “At Westair Aviation we…