400 g boneless, skinless white fish 



250 ml self-raising flour 

Pinch of salt 

1 egg 

200 ml water 

Oil for frying 


15 ml oil 

125 ml spring onions, chopped 

100 ml mixed red, green and yellow peppers, finely diced 

10 ml medium curry powder 

30 ml brown sugar 

A good pinch of salt 

100 ml blended white vinegar 

50 ml lemon juice 

100 ml water 


Cut the fish into smallish, neat portions and sprinkle lightly with salt. 

• Place the flour into a bowl and add the egg and enough water while beating with a wire whisk until a smooth, medium-thick batter is formed. 

• Pour sufficient oil into a large, shallow saucepan to make it about 25 mm deep and heat to moderately hot. 

• Dip the fish portions into the batter to coat all over. 

• Lift out with a fork to allow the excess batter to drip off, and fry a few portions at a time in the oil until golden and crisp on both sides and firm and cooked inside. Drain on absorbent paper and arrange in a single layer in a shallow dish. 

• To make the sauce, place the oil, peppers, spring onions and curry powder into a saucepan and cook gently while stirring for 5 minutes. 

• Add the sugar, vinegar, lemon juice and water and bring to the boil. 

• Simmer gently for 5 minutes and adjust the salt, sugar or vinegar as necessary. 

• Pour the sauce over the fish, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours – preferably longer – to allow the fish to become well chilled and saturated with the sauce. 

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