The Human core of Aviation

The FlyNamibia Bursary scheme

At the official launch of Westair Aviation’s rebrand from FlyWestair to FlyNamibia, the company also announced another exciting and enriching venture it will undertake as of January 2022 – the FlyNamibia Bursary scheme.

Speaking at the launch, Westair Aviation CEO Henri van Schalkwyk noted that: “At Westair Aviation we are, have always been and will always aim to be The Standard in Aviation in Namibia. Now that role takes on a whole new dimension as we set our sights even higher, dream even bigger and embark on a journey that will not only broaden our own horizons, but hopefully that of the country in which we live, operate, hope and dream. As Namibia’s largest aviation body, we accept our responsibility to grow and develop aviation in Namibia. We accept the responsibility to contribute toward the development of the Namibian economy in a post-COVID environment. How will we do this? By connecting Namibia to the world.”

As part of this responsibility towards developing and growing aviation in Namibia, Westair will undertake the tremendous task of a bursary scheme for 20 young Namibians. The system will include training in all aspects of the aviation industry, including pilot training, cabin crew, aircraft engineering as well as finance and management. During their three-year apprenticeship, trainees will get experience their primary training, for example flight school to become a pilot, each individual will also learn how other aspects of aviation works and operates so that, upon completion of their training and studies, they are familiar with all aspects of the business and have a better rounded understanding of the industry.


Mr. van Schalkwyk notes that this is not a new undertaking at Westair. The company has always had a policy of reinvesting into Namibia and has been offering training and supporting staff to elevate themselves through skills development since its inception, but it is the first time that the system has been formalised. “We’ve always had an eye for potential,” van Schalkwyk says. Westair hopes to advance its human capital and support the aviation industry in Namibia through enabling and producing a highly skilled workforce that can further help the industry prosper. This in turn becomes an export for the nation and supports FlyNamibia’s goals of being a positive economic driver and beacon for change and prosperity for the country.

“Westair is growing, so hopefully we can help more people grow and grow with us.” – Gabriela Kamaahene, Aircraft Engineer – Westair Aviation