On Tuesday 20 September, at an event held at Eros Airport, FlyNamibia announced a new partnership with the Namibia Football Association. As the nation’s first private passenger airline, FlyNamibia is proud to support our country’s sporting teams and heroes. On this occasion the airline and the Namibia Football Association confirmed its mutual commitment to each other in furthering Namibia’s international sporting aspirations. The smart partnership is set to run for a period of one year.

The Namibia national under 23 football team departed on their FlyNamibia chartered flight to Luanda to take part in the TotalEnergies U23 Africa Cup of Nations shortly after the event. With a sponsorship value of over half a million Namibian dollars, FlyNamibia hopes the support it was able to extend to the NFA will aid our national football development and the future of the sport in Namibia. 

The sponsorship and partnership was officially announced by incumbent FlyNamibia Managing Director, Andre Compion. “For the next year, FlyNamibia will be the official air travel partner of the NFA and we are incredibly proud to be the bearer of this designation. It is our mandate and mission at FlyNamibia to support our country and its people as far as we are able. Whether it be by connecting our customers to their homes, families, businesses or travel destinations, or by connecting the world to Namibia and Namibia to the world,” said Compion of this new relationship. He also added that, “Smart partnerships such as this are the key to driving growth and development. We hope our support and the collective endeavours of this new relationship will help further Namibia’s football aspirations and bring about even more prosperity to a sport we all enjoy and vehemently support. Football is the world’s game as they say, and we are proud to be the official air travel partner tasked with helping our Namibian footballers reach the world.” The event was attended by FlyNamibia’s CEO Henri van Schalkwyk, CEO of Namibia Airports Company, Bisey /Uirab, and the Interim General Secretary of the Namibia Football Association, Jochen Traut.

“It’s an honour to partner with FlyNamibia. It will make our job easier and get us from country to country when we participate in competitions,” said player Steven Junior Damaseb of his team’s new transport partner.

With an ethos based on the concept of Ubuntu, which is celebrated across the African continent, FlyNamibia aims to be a beacon that connects Namibia as a community with the rest of the world, and helps bring the world to Namibia so that we can showcase how unique and truly special we are as a destination. FlyNamibia remains firmly committed to supporting the Namibian nation and its people and endeavours to be an airline our country can be proud of.