Surf meets turf at Godenfang, arguably the best restaurant in Walvis Bay. In a restored 1930s home – fitted with original wooden floors and dimmed lights – a menu of fresh fish, seasonal veggies and prime meat cuts cooked to perfection awaits. Not only is this a must-taste experience on the Namibian coast, but the cosy atmosphere also goes uncontested and so is their on-site vegetable and herb garden.

I would be hard pressed to name another local restaurant that does seasonal menus quite like Godenfang (or at all, as a matter of fact). The kitchen crew, headed by Lindi Dreyer, are miles ahead of the curve when it comes to wholesome, sustainable dishes. And you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as a fresh catch is posted on their social media, it will sell out in a flash. That is because, unlike the rest, almost everything on their menu – save a couple of pizzas and schnitzel – is subject to availability. Now that’s what I call a sustainable menu!

Contemporary casual dining just about sums it up. Think elevated staple dishes like roasted lamb with tzatziki on couscous, fresh kob served with a bacon sauce and a tartare rainbow trout salad. Their fan-favourite (and mouth-watering) overnight pot includes the kitchen’s current meat cuts, slow roasted in Godenfang’s wood-fired pizza oven. It is always a little different, meaning you can order it time and time again and still be pleasantly surprised.

One of my most memorable dining experiences has been at Godenfang – many moons ago for a Mother’s Day buffet lunch. Unlike the mass-produced, bain-marie-heated buffet that nightmares are made of, Godenfang served each table their own generous selection of fresh salads and sides, slow-roasted lamb and succulent chicken in large bowls. This way guests pass the dishes around the table, recreating an uncanny homely feeling, and allowing the cuisine to be savoured at the intended temperature without compromising the taste.

The drinks menu does not disappoint either. Cocktail connoisseurs will find an impressive selection including classic espresso martini and negroni, as well as Godenfang originals like a Kahlúa martini tonic and seasonal dragon fruit margarita. The bar is every bit as innovative as the kitchen when it comes to using fresh ingredients to add interesting twists to old favourites.

For those craving a little Godenfang at home, their deli fridge boasts a rotating selection including home-made biltong, in-house smoked bacon and fresh pestos from their urban veggie garden. If you are looking at recreating one of their mouth-watering dishes for your loved ones, your best bet is to buy one of the available deli items, or order take-aways and call it a day!

Godenfang’s name goes back to that of the original family home and means “good catch”, referring to the bountiful fish caught from the front porch of the house before the harbour was built. But they have borrowed more than just the name. With uncanny hospitality, brilliant atmosphere and a menu filled with refreshingly unique meals, the Godenfang that locals have fallen in love with and that travellers rave about, is indeed a good catch.

Charene Labuschagne