Members of the pixie dream club will be delighted to know that everything you need for space clearing, sound healing and aromatherapy can be found at Pixi Oasis. This small shop in Windhoek’s Olympia suburb supplies the holistic community with essential oils, sage and palo santo smudge sticks, crystals and eastern ornaments. Pixi Oasis is gifting galore for the fairies and elves in your life. Their product offering is ever expanding to include more esoteric goodies, including authentic singing bowls, oracle cards, incense and Himalayan salt lamps. Find Pixi Oasis on the corner of Gerald Dreyer and Hella Kuppe Street, Olympia, Windhoek 



Getting a hit of dopamine and endorphins shouldn’t be so laborious. Enter Oh Shift, a dance and movement studio in the heart of Windhoek focussed on reigniting the connection between you and your body. Owner and head instructor Sven-Eric Müller is qualified in the ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, freestyle and ballroom disciplines. Oh Shift’s airy studio offers weekly classes including Barre-it, a ballet-based workout for toning and strengthening, and Contemporary Feels, teaching you how to move with intention. They also offer one-on-one private training classes and packages for wedding couples to prepare for their big day. 

@ohshift_studio | www.sven-eric.com 


Transforming your space from a house to a home has never been simpler! Collect brings you the trendiest decor items, shoppable online and delivered to your door in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Cute coffee tables, striking area rugs and illuminating lighting options are just some of the beautifying home decor items that Collect stocks. Their website is a dream to navigate, brilliantly curated with must-have lamps and ottomans, making it ridiculously convenient to fill your cart with the items that will reinvigorate a sense of style in your space. 

@collect.com.na | www.collect.com.na 


Date night crisis, birthday party dilemma or company event conundrum resolved! Entertaining just got a whole lot easier with Exuberant Cinema. This mobile movie theatre offers pop-up cinema experiences, complete with a pull-up projection screen, sound and popcorn. Cinema buffs can experience a film of their choice either in an indoor or outdoor environment without having to sneak in a handbag full of snacks. Exuberant Cinema also hosts their own movie screenings, so you can get the theatre experience among strangers, just on a whole new level! 

@exuberant_cinema | +264816028357

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