Our Story

Laimi from Eros

I like working for FlyNamibia because you meet different people every single day of your life. It’s very interesting. What I love here is the company itself and the people that I am working with. Laimi Sheehama, Lead Check-in Agent…

Our Story

Our (true) colours

Before FlyNamibia, there was FlyWestair, Namibia‚Äôs first privately-owned scheduled passenger airline. In November 2021 the airline took the bold leap of a rebrand , and so FlyNamibia was born. The airline’s parent company, Westair Aviation, has since the beginning, continuously…

Our Story

Nelito from Hosea Kutako

FlyNamibia carries the name of the country and it’s a local company. It’s a very important economic agent for the country and it’s promoting the country domestically and regionally. When you see FlyNamibia, you see Namibia.

Nelito Immanuel, Customer Service Agent (HKIA)