New dreams take flight for future pilots

At an event held at Eros Airport in Windhoek on 5 April, FlyNamibia launched the official start of its pilot bursary programme by welcoming the successful candidates to the FlyNamibia team. 

After the announcement of this planned bursary programme in November 2021, FlyNamibia received over 1,400 applications. Extensive due diligence was taken to narrow down the field and ensure that only the very best candidates made the final selection. Extensive application and interview processes lead to the eventual selection of four candidates for the pilot programme. These four candidates, along with their parents and family members, were invited to the Westair Aviation and FlyNamibia facilities to meet their instructors, the programme director as well as members of the FlyNamibia board, including Ambassador Tonata Itenge- Emvula. The candidates are all Namibians between the ages of 23 to 24. 

The system which will train the candidates will include on-the-job instruction in all aspects of the aviation industry, including pilot training, cabin crew, aircraft engineering as well as finance and management. During their three-year apprenticeship, trainees will get experience in and exposure to all aspects of the industry. Parallel with their primary training each individual will also learn how other aspects of aviation works and operates so that, upon completion of their training and studies, they are familiar with all aspects of the business and have a better rounded understanding of the industry. 

Pilot training is a complex process that involves mastering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It can take several years and cost tens of thousands of dollars to complete. The bursary programme will cover all costs involved in the training of the candidates to reach the required qualification levels to one-day pilot FlyNamibia’s fleet. Beyond this extensive financial contribution, the bursary will also include a monthly stipend for the candidates as they will be making a valuable contribution to the company while undergoing their on-the-job training. 

Through projects such as these, FlyNamibia and Westair Aviation hopes to advance its human capital and support the aviation industry in Namibia through enabling and producing a highly skilled workforce that can further help the industry prosper. This in turn becomes an export for the nation and supports FlyNamibia’s goals of being a positive economic driver and beacon for change and prosperity for the country. 

Are you the next Face of FlyNamibia

We have officially launched this year’s search for the next Face of FlyNamibia. After a successful tenure as our very first brand ambassador, we’re sad to say goodbye to Joyce and will certainly miss her vibrant energy and enthusiasm (read more about her year with us on page 56). The time has come to restart the search! We’re looking for a proudly Namibian individual who is excited about helping us promote and celebrate all things Namibia. This is not a model search. We’re looking for personality! Check out how to enter on page 13 or follow this link: the-face-of-flynamibia-2023/

FlyNamibia currently operates domestic routes from Eros Airport in Windhoek to Ondangwa, Rundu, Katima Mulilo, Walvis Bay and Oranjemund, as well as a regional route between Hosea Kutako International Airport and Cape Town International. Flights can be booked through all major travel agencies, or directly via FlyNamibia’s 24/7 contact centre at +264 83 339 0011. Customers can also visit www.flynamibia. for online bookings. 

Happy flying! 

The FlyNamibia Team